We are a small, family-run company out of Kensington, Maryland. We began making our own bacon a few years ago and found it didn't compare to anything we had ever purchased.

We love to cook and entertain, and after sharing our bacon with numerous friends, we decided to share it with everyone. We've tweaked and refined our process, and we genuinely believe that this bacon is the best you will ever eat!

Our bacon is truly small batch, which means that we make about 150 pounds at a time and manage every aspect of the process, from curing the pork belly to packaging the finished product. Our Small Batch Bacon is our signature product, but we have a variety of Hot Sauces, Smoked Vegetables, and other Smoked Meats available… and we’re growing every day!

We hope you'll enjoy our products as much as we do. We want to hear from you and ensure that you are a satisfied customer!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, leave us a review, tell your friends… and come see us next time we’re in your neighborhood.

Vince & Beth Saguto